Our Approach

We follow a phased product development process to commercialize new technologies with a focus on building value, risk reduction, design for manufacture, and shortening time to market.

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  • Our Development Process

    Our product development process is focused on bringing new medical technologies to market.

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  • The Difference

    We're distinct from many other product development firms in three key areas.

    1. Medtech expertise - this goes beyond product development. Our knowledge of regulatory, clinical, payment, IP, and business factors are leveraged throughout the development process to help our clients determine what product to build and how to optimally structure the development roadmap.
    2. Technical expertise - our broad array of technical disciplines, including mechanical and electrical engineering, software development, industrial design, and human factors, allows us to deploy the right disciplines on the appropriate tasks. 
    3. Program management - changes in new medical device projects are inevitable, but our goal in program management is "no surprises." We work hard to ensure that our internal teams and client teams are in lockstep throughout the development path. 

Our Work

We pride ourselves on partnering with clients to advance healthcare technology.

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