Our Mission

To advance healthcare through the development of breakthrough medical technologies.

At Smithwise, we work on projects that advance the state of healthcare by impacting two major areas—patient wellbeing and healthcare sustainability.

  • Patient Wellbeing

    We’ve witnessed greater advances in medical care in the past century than in all of human history before that. That progress has been the result of the development and application of new technologies to perennial health problems. But many challenges remain unsolved and many patient populations are underserved.

  • Healthcare Sustainability

    The US is in the midst of a healthcare crisis, with 18% of the US GDP in 2016 going to pay for healthcare, a number that continues to grow every year. Throughout the entire chain of care, individuals and institutional stakeholders understand that this can't continue.

    It’s our goal at Smithwise to improve the standard of care, reduce suffering, and promote human flourishing by continuing to explore and apply new technologies to help people live longer, healthier lives.

    Smithwise is working to bring medical devices and healthcare products to market that improve outcomes and reduce cost throughout the healthcare chain. We’re developing the medical devices and consumer wellness products that fit the outcomes-based healthcare model of the future.

Our Values

We use these principles to build our team, guide our decisions, and measure our success:

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Work on things that matter.

We work on products that have a positive impact on healthcare.

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Don't cut corners.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

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Enable client success.

We partner with our clients and measure our success by theirs.

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Invest in people.

We invest in our team and ensure they have the resources to perform with excellence.

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Share and learn.

We encourage continuous education and collaboration.

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Be awesome.

We foster a positive workplace with great people.

Our Name

Smithwise is the combination of two words that are underused in our day, but which convey elements essential in the quest to bring new medical technologies to today’s healthcare market.

As individuals, our team members are smiths in their own right, practicing their engineering and design crafts to build products that address the unmet needs of patients, providers, and payers.  

As a team, we seek guide to our clients wisely, combining our experience with theirs and charting a clear path forward. We take a holistic view of the product development process, focused on proving value and reducing risk as we work alongside clients to evolve their technologies into market-ready products.

  • Smith

    A job title from a bygone day, a smith was an artisan of the old world, an expert in a craft of fashioning raw materials into products of functionality and beauty. Smiths applied skills acquired over a lifetime of experience and passed down from one generation of craftsmen to another.

  • Wise

    In our professional lives, we often speak about the importance of intelligence, education, and experience, but less so about being wise. Wisdom is the application of these assets to real-world situations, the use of good judgement to guide our actions in a time of uncertainty.

Our Team

We work as an extension of our clients’ teams, so there’s nothing we take more seriously than hiring—and holding onto—the best teammates.


Eric Sugalski

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David Schoon
Director of Engineering (BOS)

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Christopher Scholl
Director of Engineering (PHL)

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Jonathan Wenderoth
Lead Mechanical Engineer

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Andrew Mazzotta
Lead Mechanical Engineer

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Joe Jackson
Lead Engineer

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Dylan Paproski
Lead Mechanical Engineer

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Jonah Ko
Jonah Ko
Mechanical Engineer

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Jonny Weeks
Mechanical Engineer

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Industrial Design

Aidan Hyde
Industrial Design Manager

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Ashley Petix
Industrial Designer

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Clinical & Regulatory

Craig Steiner, MD
Director of Clinical Affairs

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Business Dev. & Marketing

Haven Tyler
Director of Strategic Partnerships

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Daniel Henrich
Director of Marketing

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Operations & Administration

Lynn Armit Brown
Director of Finance & HR

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Andrea Menta
Administrative Assistant

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Want to join our team? See open positions on our careers page.

Our Locations

We're proud to serve in both the Boston and Philadelphia area.


Newton, MA


Newtown Square, PA


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