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David Schoon

Director of Engineering (BOS)

David Schoon serves as the Director of Engineering for the Smithwise Boston office.

Some of his recent projects include a machine for sleep apnea sufferers, a pill dispensing robot, and a handheld audiology device.

As the Director of Mechanical Engineering at the Boston area office, Dave leads the technical team while maintaining an active hand in ongoing projects.

Prior to joining Smithwise, Dave was a mechanical engineer with Datum3D where he worked on the development of various medical and industrial products. Some of his notable projects include the development of an airborne pathogen detector and an endoscopic performance validation machine. He also developed a number of medical devices and disposables with a focus on DFMA and cost reduction, including minimally invasive biopsy instrumentation and endoscopes.

Dave graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. While in school, Dave focused his studies on mechanical design.