From the lab bench to the manufacturing floor

What We Do

The Smithwise Process


The engineering and design process of bringing a nascent technology from the lab to production is no simple task. It typically starts off with more questions than answers:

  • How do we replicate the functionality we achieved in the lab while obtaining greater reliability and scalability?
  • How do we gain user and customer feedback on a prototype product that has not yet existed in the marketplace?
  • How do we develop the quality and regulatory documentation needed for agency submissions while maintaining an agile and creative development process?
  • How do we launch low volume manufacturing in a flexible way while enabling rapid scale-up when our sales ramp?

Many technology innovators and entrepreneurs with these same questions have come to Smithwise for design to manufacturing answers. And no matter how threatening the risk factors may seem, we find answers that span industries and keep new product development on course.


The Science of Risk Management


Rapid Progress through Risk Reduction

Most new projects and ventures start with big ideas and big risks. Success and value created depend largely on reducing these risks within a rapid timeframe. We use a process of rapid experimentation to test early ideas and identify the most viable paths forward.

Functionality, achieved through rapid prototyping and iterating the key technical challenges.

User preference, embedded through building and testing concept mockups with end users.

Regulatory, defined through reviewing product design, architectures and testing procedures with regulatory experts and agencies.

Cost drivers, understood through exploring product configurations with key production suppliers.

Smithwise partners with you to ensure that your breakthrough technologies and products can do exactly that—break through. We draw from combined experience in product design, engineering, and manufacturing to support your path to production.

Every experiment we devise, every step in our process, and every test we run is devoted to empowering your product and business while reducing risk at every turn. Smithwise provides a smarter path for design to manufacturing.



Developing novel medical devices is a complex optimization problem. It requires precision engineering balanced with appropriate human factors, consideration of regulatory and reimbursement strategies, and close attention to clinical safeties and efficacies. Medical devices comprise 70% of the Smithwise business. We develop devices under an ISO 13485 compliant process and provide the design documentation that is needed for regulatory submissions. Below is a short list of some recent medical device development projects:




Integrating sensors, optics, and thermal components are often needed in developing novel laboratory and scientific instrumentation. At Smithwise, we are adept at capturing the foundational elements of these scientific technologies while ensuring that the critical usability and human interfaces are addressed through interface and industrial designs. Below is a short list of recent technology product design projects:



Time to market is key in developing high volume consumer products. At Smithwise, we are careful to understand and define the critical manufacturing requirements at the early stage in order to establish a smooth and efficient pathway into production. From optimizing parts for injection molding to integrating PCBs and other electronics, our product engineering team has the experience and speed that is needed to drive consumer products from concept into production. 


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