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Joe Jackson

Lead Mechanical Engineer (PHL)

As Lead Mechanical Engineer for Smithwise, Joe Jackson is responsible for mechanical and fluid system design and validation through all stages of product development.

At Smithwise Joe has played a large role in the initial design concept phases of an artificial womb for premature births. This included the development of a hand-held tool for percutaneous cannulation of the umbilical cord. Joe also led the redesign of a hand-held laparoscopic device for performing surgical closures involved with hysterectomy; reducing part count, simplifying assembly, and minimizing assembly costs while lowering actuation force and improving the ergonomics for surgeons' hands. Outside of Smithwise, one of Joe’s most notable projects was his work on a pneumatic logic-based purge controller for battery-operated equipment. Operating only on compressed gas, this ATEX-approved purge controller allows for these portable devices to be safely used in explosive atmospheres without access to AC power for purging.

With nearly two decades of 3D CAD experience, Joe is well equipped to handle any mechanism design or complex surfacing challenge. His experience with a wide array of manufacturing processes makes him uniquely capable in pushing new products from sketches to low or high volume production.

Joe is a 2002 graduate of Drexel University with a BS in mechanical engineering. When taking a break from product development, he enjoys cycling, photography, and spending time with his wife and two sons.