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Jonathan Wenderoth

Lead Mechanical Engineer (BOS)

As Lead Mechanical Engineer for Smithwise, Jon is responsible for product design and management from concept through testing and pilot manufacturing.

In his time at Smithwise, Jon has worked within various teams and across myriad projects to produce devices from the ground up. A large portion of his work at Smithwise has been in developing the mechanics to complement electronic products, often requiring creative solutions to meet specific design constraints, leveraging high output manufacturing methods and employing clever injection moldable designs and part consolidation to minimize costs. Prior to working at Smithwise, Jon worked as an engineer on automated machines for the pharmaceutical R&D industry. Some of his projects included an automated imaging system for tablet comparison and a pressure feedback enabled press used to simulate powder compaction for formulation testing. These highly custom machines required expertise in electromechanical design and integration, PLC code development, and CNC machining.

Jon has over 8 years of direct experience as a mechanical engineer within a variety of industries. Ranging from heavy manufacturing to detailed assemblies, he has acquired a diverse set of skills and broad outlook which he brings to Smithwise’s processes. Jon’s unique experiences allow him to examine manufacturing issues in parallel with technical development in order to generate efficient and thoughtful designs for Smithwise’s clients.

Jon holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Virginia. When he’s not working, Jon likes to spend his time sailing or designing and building his own projects, ranging from an underwater remotely-operated vehicle to a high-output pepper grinder.