Self-Contained, Automated, Soilless Living Wall

Case Study


The Problem

There are many residential and commercial needs for live plants, including improving indoor air quality, but plants are typically messy and difficult to care for.

The Solution

Smithwise worked closely with Biome, a Philadelphia-based startup to transform their expertise in hydroponics, microbiology, and biomimicry into a fully functional self-contained “living wall.” The system optimizes indoor plant life, enabling purification of the interior air, naturally, and beautifully.

Smithwise developed the fluid management, sensor integration, and overall structural and stylistic architecture for the system.

The focus of this project was to develop the inner working mechanical system that enables plants to obtain and sense demand for the critical elements (water, air, light) while maintaining a slim design.


Smithwise championed the industrial design, mechanical engineering, design for manufacturability, and iterative prototyping to bring this exciting product to life.

Biome’s living wall purifies over 500,000 liters of air per day in a process that is over 100x more efficient than occurs intuitively in nature.