Power Plane

Golf Teaching Tool

Case Study

Golf Teaching Tool

The Problem

For an effective and consistent golf swing, it’s essential to keep your head firmly planted above the ball. When golfers shift their head in front of or behind the ball during their swing, it saps power and accuracy from the shot. MIT engineer and avid golfer Rich Kosowsky developed a system that effortlessly tracks and assesses head position with minimal equipment – one ultrasonic transducer attaches to your hat and a ground unit measures position, providing simple visual and audible feedback.

The Solution

Rich paired up with Smithwise for their deep expertise in designing for manufacturing and bringing devices to market. Within moths the collaborations between the teams, combined Rich’s electrical innovations together with Sprout’s aesthetic design and user interface to output a design that could be reliably and cost effectively produced at high volumes.

Golf Teaching Tool
The final product maintained the original design intent and provided a robust water-resistant and durable home for the electronics. Multiple tactile elements were integrated into the user interaction points such as the expanding arms and a parameter-setting keypad. Smithwise supported the design transfer to Jabil, Tour Pro Tech’s contract manufacturer, and their molding / assembly resources worldwide.

The PowerPlane was launched in November of 2016. Units have been receiving hugely positive responses from amateur golfers and PGA pros alike.

“During and after every swing, PowerPlane™ alerts you if and when your head moves through a plane. This real time feedback changes your behavior from the very first swing.”