Handheld Spectroscopic Alloy Analyzer

Case Study


The Problem

Many industries need to sort metals quickly and efficiently. Standards LIBS (Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy) instruments used to detect the differences in metals were slow, not user-friendly, and not rugged.

The Solution

Smithwise helped Rigaku develop their latest LIBS handheld instrument, Katana™. It is the smallest LIBS handheld on the market, lightweight and balanced for comfortable use all day. With Katana’s breakthrough laser ablation and detection engine, it is used to characterize metals fast and accurately without exposing the user to radiation. The product is rugged and IP-54 rated to stand up to harsh scrapyard environments.

Smithwise oversaw the industrial design, engineering, prototyping, and production transfer efforts for Katana.

The final design direction is a distinctive handheld device that blends the Rigaku brand identity and design language with a comfortable, yet rugged device. Through effective design and engineering solutions, the instrument fits into tight spaces while providing a large touch screen.

With Katana, dozens of metals are detected within 1-2 seconds. With previous devices, the same detection could take up to thirty seconds.