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Smart Pill Box

Case Study

Smart Pill Box: A personal assistant for your Medications

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The Problem

1 in 3 Americans suffer from a chronic illness that requires multiple medications. Due to a variety of reasons, only 50 percent of patients take their medications as prescribed, resulting in $100 billion in avoidable hospitalizations. Medication management is often an area of stress and anxiety for patients and their families.

The Solution

TowerView created a simple, end-to-end medication management service that includes a smart bill box with pre-filled medication trays from a pharmacy that organizes medications by dose and time, and sends reminders to take medications.


Smart Pill Box
Each weekly tray drops into a pillbox that can sense when a dose is missed and sends text, phone, email, and/or on box light/sound reminders. 

According to a clinical study conducted by Penn Medicine and Independence Blue Cross, patients who use TowerView Health take their medications 99% of the time, as compared to an industry average of 50%.

The Smithwise engineering team developed the full mechanical design, the peripheral light pipe, and integrated all electronics. Smithwise performed full DFMA (Design For Manufacturing and Assembly), assisted with sourcing activites, and guided the Towerview team through the manufacturing transfer process.

“Only 50% of patients take their meds as prescribed, resulting in $100 billion in avoidable hospitalizations.” –Hareesh Ganesan, COO of Towerview Healthcare