ZSX Medical

Laparoscopic Clip Application Device

Case Study


The Problem

Laparoscopic surgical wound closure for hysterectomy procedures can be a time-consuming, multistep process, which is prone to inconsistent results.

The Solution

ZSX Medical has partnered with Smithwise to develop Zip-Stitch®, a laparoscopic surgical closure system that is designed to make difficult surgical closures fast and easy for gynecologists and other physicians, saving money for hospitals and improving outcomes for patients.

Zip Stitch
Smithwise is providing prototyping services, industrial design, mechanical engineering and production supply chain resources to ZSX to help bring this new device to the 600,000 women who have hysterectomies each year in the United States.

“As our engineering partner, Smithwise has been rapid, creative, and adaptable in bringing our napkin sketches to realization.” -Dan Mazzucco, President and CEO of ZSX Medical