Electromechanical Engineering Tran
Brandon Tran
Electromechanical Engineer
As an Electromechanical Engineer at Smithwise, Brandon focuses on integrating mechanical, electrical, and software architectures to bring devices to life.

Brandon’s cross-disciplinary education and experiences allow him the skills to design ATmega and ARM microprocessor based solutions to products ranging from living walls to implantable pumps. Brandon’s formal education in Mechanical Engineering provides him the know-how when it comes to designing and bread-boarding prototype devices.

Prior to working at Smithwise, Brandon worked at Animas, a Johnson and Johnson company. Most notably, he was involved in the development of their mechanically operated disposable OneTouch Via insulin patch. Other projects of his include a 15-DOF hand for the HUBO humanoid robot and the design of a surgical instrument for stem cell based arthroscopic cartilage repair.

Brandon holds a B.S in Mechanical Engineering and a minor in Computer Science from Drexel University. During his time at Drexel, Brandon spent two 6-month co-ops at Smithwise before being hired as a full-time engineer. Outside of the office, Brandon enjoys visual and performing arts, woodworking, culinary experiences, photography, and mixology.

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